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At Maas Construction It’s About the Families We Serve…

A mother and son were home on a summer Saturday evening. Mom was preparing dinner on both the kitchen stove and the outside BBQ grill. She turned on the stove to heat a pan with oil. Next she went outside just twenty-feet away, to check on the food on the barbecue grill. Less than a minute later she stepped back into the kitchen, and to her surprise, she discovered a flaming pan of oil... a fire! She quickly put the lid on the pan, but that only caused condensation to build inside the covered pan that intensified the heat and fire. Soon flames burst out from under the lid and caught a towel and then the wall behind the stove on fire.

Oil fires are hot and explosive. Within thirty seconds the kitchen wall was engulfed in flames forcing mother and son to evacuate. Once safely outside she called the fire department. Fortunately no one was injured and the burn damage was contained to the kitchen. However, oily soot particles, not easily detected by the human eye, had spread throughout much of the home.

We were given the opportunity to help this family recover from their fire damage. While the kitchen obviously required reconstruction, we were also concerned about the oily soot contamination that had spread through the house. Our concerns were justified because we learned that the son had a history of severe respiratory problems. He would suffer significant symptoms if exposed to the contaminated indoor environment for very long. In addition, we learned that the father had recently been hospitalized for heart and lung problems that required a surgery. We served as their advocate in convincing their insurance company to provide them with temporary housing while we thoroughly cleaned and repaired their home. By the way, the family dog stayed at the home most of the time and our technicians made sure he had water. Of course the mother visited the jobsite regularly to inspect the progress of our work and care for and feed their pet. We were just happy to give him a little extra attention.

Because of the potential health hazards to father and son this project required  specialized and detailed cleaning, but it was also an ideal opportunity to upgrade and modernize the kitchen. We determined that the renovations they desired were within their budget, complied with the insurance company requirements, and would not compromise the structural integrity of the house, so we went right to work.

The project wasn’t without its challenges. A few special order fixtures that mom wanted, and an electrical upgrade for the kitchen were routine. However, there were some delays in the delivery of the custom countertops, revealing a communication gap that caused some temporary frustration for the owners. All was well in the end, as our goal was to have the family back in their home for a large family gathering by Thanksgiving and we’re proud to say we were able to accomplish that for them.


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“The Maas Construction team was professional and did very good work. It was our daughter’s birthday and we had the water damage in our kitchen and bathroom before her party. They not only worked the weekend to get the job done before the party but surpassed our expectations with the quality of work and care to do the job right. Thank you.”

~ Diane and Paul in Spokane, Washington

“We hired Maas Construction to finish our basement. They did an excellent job and were very professional. We were so impressed with their team that we are hiring them again to do projects for us.”

~ Bart B. in Spokane, Washington