Can an Unfinished Basement in South Hills Become a Rec Room?


With some specific steps taken by competent construction professionals, you can convert unused space into a fun addition.

Unused space on your South Hills property is a waste, as you could be utilizing the area for fun activities, extra bedrooms, or impromptu office space. Unfinished basements can account for higher electric bills and other concerns. Many property owners are considering the benefits of a recreational room.

Waterproofing and Repairs

When starting a conversation about basement finishing in South Hills homes, you first must consider the condition of this lower level of the property. Many homeowners do not always recognize budding or existent problems with the basement being a low-traffic area. Our experienced builders can identify structural concerns and moisture penetration points to avoid newly installed framing and drywall suffering moisture damage, mold damage, or dry rot.

Framing and Utilities

Because many basements were already built as wide, open spaces beneath the house’s main floor, this is already set up to be a perfect rec room for your family once you finish the perimeter. Often interior wall systems are not necessary beyond going around the main structural foundation blockwork with wood framing. At this time, new outlets and fixtures can be installed. Our drywall team can hang panels quickly and paint them to add a polished look to your new usable space.

Flooring Options for Finished Basements

Some enjoy the look of finished concrete for flooring in recreational areas or ‘man caves,’ but these are not always practical or especially attractive. Instead, you can keep the concrete as a highly sturdy subflooring material and build on top with interlocking wood flooring tiles or carpeting. These options can get installed directly over existing flooring with a small padding layer to increase comfort and appearance.

Creatively considering the possibilities of unfinished basement space can increase your home’s property value and help it better meet the needs of your family. Our Maas Construction team can help. We have experienced professionals to aid in design to execution when you call (509) 598-8741.