Can Warehouse Space Get Converted into Temporary Living Space?


Though obstacles exist in this construction, Maas can help design living quarters in warehouse structures. 

Caught between selling one Spokane home and moving into a new one, creative solutions are often necessary. Warehouse buildings are often poorly insulated and feature large open areas, presenting a challenge for repurposing the space for temporary living space or future employee office and break rooms.

Direct Concerns for Making Steel Structures Livable

Visualizing the construction space in blueprint form happens with the customer’s input, creating living quarters, a kitchen, bathroom, and other structural elements that suit comfortable living temporarily. The walls’ schematics soon turn into the wood framework as carpenters from the team fashion wooden studs, jambs, header plates, and lintels. In this stage, fixtures for utilities can meet installed piping and conduit fashioned neatly within the cavities.

Insulation is a primary concern in Spokane homes, and this is even more vital in steel structures. Fiberglass-based insulation is ideal for interior wall systems, though foam board can help to more completely insulate the space where framing meets exterior steel walls in the warehouse.

Plumbing, Lighting, and Design Requirements 

Living space requires more comfort measures than the rest of the warehouse does. Part of the redesign of this space involves the addition of sufficient lighting. While large suspended work lights or LEDs might suffice for a warehouse, newly constructed rooms can get fashioned with residential LED light fixtures, including ceiling fans promoting airflow and circulation.

The living space would not be complete without a bathroom and kitchen area, both of which require plumbing and pipes. Not only do all of these fixtures need an independent service from the primary water in the building, drainage for greywater and sewage must also tie into the central discharge for the warehouse.

Convertible into Employee Space 

When creating a temporary living space while a permanent home gets constructed, it is vital to think of the future. A bedroom can get converted into office space or a conference room, for example. Considering the placement of elements like sinks and counters can help kitchens better transition into employee break areas.

Investing in future amenities for employees of a warehouse provides comfortable temporary living space while a permanent home gets constructed and finalized. Maas Construction can help design and execute the ideal convertible space for current needs and future ones from ventilation, storage, and living quarters.