Ideas for Making the Most of Your Basement Level in Spokane Homes


It has been commonplace for many Spokane homeowners to choose a smaller starter home and move up to bigger properties once their need arose. With new additions in the family or wanting more available space for a recreational area, entertainment room, or even an office, you can no longer switch to the next bigger house as easily as before. These days, it is often more cost-effective and profitable for property owners to consider upgrading their houses rather than selling and buying something else.

Remodel the Basement in Your Spokane Home 

One of the most direct paths to giving yourself more living space or these areas that you have envisioned is to consider basement finishing in your Spokane residence. As leading contractors in the greater Spokane area, we can help you to bring whatever vision you have to life with premier construction materials, exceptional quality, and efficient service. What are your options with the unfinished basement in your home?

Half-Finished Basement 

You might not have an interest, or the budget, to finish your entire basement. Instead, you might consider only remodeling a portion of this subterranean level. This process would still have drywall installed, flooring put into place, drywall or tile ceilings, and even electrical and plumbing fixtures as necessary. This partial renovation would be an ideal solution for those looking to expand their home with a home theater room or a comfortable office space.

Added Living Space 

Maximizing the total square footage of the basement might require some reformations of appliances like the water heater and furnace, but we can convert the basement into the most abundant living space divided up into multiple rooms as you deem necessary. With a full reformation of the space, you can double the square footage of your single-story house.

Man Caves and Recreational Rooms 

Recreational areas and dens are becoming a popular use of finished basements, and we can help with the installation of hardwood flooring to resist damage after spills, a dedicated bathroom for guests, and even a permanent bar affixed into the room. You can build the best in-house getaway area from the ground up with the help of our Maas contractors and design team.

Reimagining your home is often much cheaper and less stressful than starting over in a new house, so let our Maas Construction team help you to see your options with your basement space, and how it can look when you install the top materials we use on every job. Give us a call, however we can help, at (509) 598-8741.

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