Improve Your Spokane Bathroom Today with These Fast Remodel Ideas


Compared to construction projects like room additions, bathroom remodeling can be a top renovation choice for Spokane homeowners. This decision can not only improve the appearance and appraised value of the property but also serves to bring your vision and dream bathroom to life. Now is always a good time for a bathroom renovation.

Helping Spokane customers through bathroom remodeling design decisions is one of the many ways we help property owners achieve their vision. Remodeling can take time and becomes a daunting situation with more considerably scaled projects. Instead of starting over by gutting the entire bathroom for a complete renovation, you might consider some of the quick trending fixes that can improve the look and feel of your bathroom on a shorter timeline.

Replace the Combination Tub and Shower

A definitive step to change the bathroom’s look is to remove the same aging shower/tub combination that thousands of other homes still have. Modern bathrooms have removed this for the appeal of a walk-in shower. Don’t think that means that you have to go without a quality bathtub, however. Maas Construction can install a standalone tub or bubbling spa to appeal to those in your family that like to unwind with a soak.

Add Square Footage

You might think that changing the bathroom size is a time-consuming and expensive process, but when you can manage only to remove portions of the current framework, you can efficiently increase the room’s square footage. Our construction team can help with this new space’s layout and design, so you know exactly what to expect before any demolition.

Our Bathroom Flooring Ideas

The flooring in your bathroom takes the most abuse over the years, so it is often the place most renovation projects begin. Changing out flooring materials can immediately improve aesthetics and value. Removing tired tile for cork, water-resistant wood, or waterproof vinyl planks can add a unique look that brightens the whole room.

Fresh New Fixtures

When you want a fast and quick way to bolster the way the bathroom looks, brushed nickel and brass fixtures can add a vintage style that your bathroom has been missing. Replacing faucets and similar fixtures with this timeless look can tide you over until you have the time for a more massive remodeling effort.

Your Bathroom Remodel Is Unique

No two projects are alike, so our Maas Construction team helps you through all construction decisions and design obstacles to ensure that you have a final product that you love. Give us a call today at (509) 598-8741.