Is a Finished Attic Worth the Investment for Homes in Spokane, Washington?


Finished attics add significant value and added living space to Spokane properties. 

As a Spokane homeowner, you might not be alone in considering how you can improve your property’s look and function. Likewise, you can see how specific remodeling and renovation projects can increase the house’s value in the chance that you might want to sell or borrow against the appraised value of the property in the future. Unused attic space can be problematic in several ways, including unwanted creatures or unnoticed roof damage, but can also be a welcomed opportunity to increase equity.

What Can a Finished Attic Space Become?

Before rushing out to find a reputable remodeling company in Spokane, take a moment to appreciate the possibilities of revamping existing attic space to new purposes and needs you might have. Renovation in this area could become:

· Office Space
· Additional Bedroom
· Recreational Area
· Climate and Weather-Controlled Storage

What Must Happen to Make an Attic Livable?

Since many area homes have entirely unfinished attic spaces, our contractors’ first obstacle is installing subflooring materials before wall systems or ceiling materials. The exposed framework rarely exceeds 2×6 lumber trusses, which must be evaluated before getting covered with OSB board as subflooring. While the finished flooring material, likely a carpet or engineered wood floor, does not get installed until one of the final stages, subflooring placement allows for a stable base for building and establishing a framework if the attic gets divided into more than one room.

Schematics can help place individual walls, doors, and windows to add natural light and multiple functions to the large, open area. The space layout can also include constructing a permanent staircase in place of a pull-down ladder access typical of undeveloped attics.

Is Attic Renovation Energy-Efficient?

Finishing the attic space is beneficial for homeowners in other ways as well. The focus on installing materials in this upper portion of the property can expose any under-insulated areas. Blown-in insulation and roll-out sheets of insulating materials can increase heat and cold air retention, ultimately reducing energy costs and making living in the house more comfortable.

If the question is whether or not attic remodeling is worth the time and investment, many have already shown direct benefits to this choice. Let our Maas Construction team show you what is possible when you call (509) 598-8741.