Is Finishing a Spokane Basement a Good Investment?


There are many ways that finishing space in the basement can yield a positive return.

Knowing how remodeling can be a worthwhile investment can help many Spokane homeowners consider the possibilities of unused space beneath the house’s main floor. From a high return on investment to more significant house maintenance overall, there are many benefits to finishing the lower level.

Managing Moisture Concerns in the Basement

Before considering basement finishing in Spokane homes, these houses must deal with moisture and water penetration to this lower level. No remodeling or renovation project can begin without first addressing moisture concerns. This process alone can increase your home’s value and longevity, making it easier to place on the market when you have reinvested in the stability of the foundation and preventing the possibilities of moisture penetration that could damage the finish work to come. Continued protection comes with installing a vapor retardant between studs and flooring or between the foundation and wall systems.

Reduce Energy Consumption

While the attic is often to blame for a loss of heat during the harsh winter months, another large contributor can be your basement level. While little heat is lost through concrete flooring standard in basement construction, a lack of insulation on foundation walls can allow a considerable percentage of your home’s heat to be pulled out. Insulation boards placed in the cavity between drywall and the foundation walls can keep the heat in and prevent unnecessarily higher energy costs.

Expect a Return on Your Investment

Possibly one of the most alluring reasons that homeowners choose to finish their basement space is the return on this investment. Regardless of what this lower level gets used for, a finished basement can add substantial value to the home. Based on a survey conducted by Remodeling magazine, most homeowners can expect $0.75 on the dollar as a return for their investment in revamping unused basement space. When functionality for the property is added, such as more bedrooms, this value could increase even further.

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