Is Now the Right Time to Consider Remodeling Your Liberty Lake Home?


With so many Liberty Lake homeowners spending more time at home lately, you can start to appreciate the areas of your property that might be lacking. What was once enough space or functionality now requires a different arrangement or added bedrooms to accommodate a growing family. Despite the presumed uncertainty of the times, securing funding for larger remodeling undertakings can be easier than you might think. Our professionals can help you to improve your home in many ways to suit your needs.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

With more people needing the space and time to relax with the stresses of the country’s current conditions, standalone bathtubs have made a comeback. Soaking tubs offer a pleasing aesthetic for bathrooms that also add functionality for the cost of installation. Other contemporary trends in bathroom remodeling and renovations include:

Wood flooring
Standalone shower stalls
Heated tile
Floating vanities

Remodeling Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where many occupants of your home spend considerable time, so it is easy to quickly see where this room might be lacking as the years go by. We can work with homeowners to design a functional and attractive kitchen space that meets their needs and provides more storage. Islands continue to be a popular installation option. These new additions offer storage space for utensils and cookware and can also be stations for stovetop cooking and other appliances.

A New Purpose for Basement Remodeling

An unfinished basement can be a blank canvas for possibilities that your home might need. Depending on the functionality and amenities you wish to add to the property, our construction team can provide a tailored design and schematic for the space. Some of the popular options in renovating unfinished basements include:

Additional bedrooms
Office space
Recreational rooms
Man caves

This can be a beneficial time to look at your living space and determine if it meets your needs. Our Maas Construction team can help, from design to execution, when you call (509) 598-8741.