Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Spokane Homes That Make Fast Changes


Spokane homeowners can learn about fast solutions to improve the look and function of their kitchen space. 

Island Installation Options for Spokane Kitchens 

Kitchen remodeling for Spokane homes does not always have to be a complete overhaul of the space and its layout. Sometimes, using available floor space can provide added counters and even some appliance functionality. Islands installed by our professionals are permanent fixtures that meet the kitchen’s needs, from added space for seating to a cooking top.

New Cabinetry and Countertops 

The cabinets take up a nice percentage of available wall space, so they make the greatest statement to the appearance and the theme of the kitchen and house overall. The finish and materials used in premium cabinets can ensure that they last the life of your home and have a timeless look to accommodate multiple themes and color scheme changes. Replacing the counters along with the cabinets makes sense as new surfaces can be better matched to one another, and the current countertops must get removed to replace cabinet bases.

Replacing Tired Flooring for Spokane Homes 

The flooring of your kitchen can often experience the worst wear and tear over the years of use. As a high traffic area of the residents, scuffs and warping are inevitable over time. Multiple trending flooring types can provide an appealing look and function to the kitchen, ranging from ceramic tiling to vinyl plank and hardwood flooring solutions. We can remove current materials to the subflooring and reinstall new floors with precision.

New Fixtures Improve Aesthetics for Kitchen Spaces

Sometimes simple fixes can improve the look and function of your kitchen as well. Remodeling does not always have to mean gutting the room and starting over. Replacing light fittings professionally and replacing cabinet hardware, faucets, and other fixtures can have an almost instantaneous effect on how the room looks.

No two kitchen remodeling needs are identical, so we help your home with every stage from planning to execution. Our Maas Construction team is available to help anytime at (509) 598-8741.