Basement Remodeling in Spokane, WA Before and After

Making the Most of Your Basement in a Spokane Home

Many Spokane homeowners have long abandoned their lower levels as living space and allowed it to become a damp, dark storage area in their houses. In truth, there are many benefits to remodeling and renovating your basement, and the first of these is increased value for your home should you decide to sell in the future. In addition to a better appraisal of the property, you can often open up hundreds or even thousands of square feet of living space, which can be ideal for adding bedrooms, recreational areas, and more.

Does Finishing A Basement Add Value?

Bringing your fundamental idea of utilizing this wasted space into actual basement remodeling for your Spokane home is a step that you do not have to take alone. Our Maas Construction team can work directly with the customer to determine what is possible with the space and help to design a layout that suits the specific needs and desires of the home’s occupants. We can help you to see the potential of that dark basement area by showing you what is possible.

Many people opt for fully finished basements, as this completely removes any areas where moisture might continue to be a concern, and this can get achieved through effective waterproofing strategies, insulation, and drywall throughout the basement. We can install engineered flooring that provides a better feel and look than the concrete flooring underneath the plank and underlayment.

If you are going for a more rustic appearance, as you might find in a man cave or an entertainment area for guests, we have seen many homeowners also embrace a polished concrete flooring look. In many ways, this can save you money and reduce the headache of any potential water damage from spills or unexpected plumbing leaks, as finished concrete flooring is nearly impenetrable to water absorption.

Is A Finished Basement In Your Spokane Home a Good Investment?

If you want to find ways to increase the value of your home or add more usable living space to the house without a more costly addition attached to the property, remodeling the basement might be the ticket. Give our Maas Construction team a call so we can show you what is possible and potential looks for your basement with our premium construction materials. Call us today at (509) 598-8741.

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Making the Most of Your Basement in a Spokane Home

Many Spokane homeowners have long abandoned their lower levels as living space and allowed it

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