Reimagining Your Spokane Basement for Your Growing Family


With the rise and fall of the real estate market around Spokane, it might not always benefit a homeowner to sell and move to a new location when the family begins to outgrow the property. There are many benefits to renovations and remodeling, namely the increase in value for the property and additional living space for the occupants of the house. Our Maas Construction team can help you visualize the best use of the available space to accommodate your family’s needs as this dynamic changes.

Understanding where renovations can occur can showcase available options such as basement remodeling for your Spokane home that can be more desirable than the obstacles of placing a property on the market and finding a new home in the interim. There are multiple options for how best to utilize basement space, which can include:

  • Additional Bedrooms – Once you have the basement finished, installing wall systems to create bedrooms is not complicated. Depending on your specific wishes, our team can design the appropriate breakdown of this open space.
  • Office Space – Working from home has become a common staple in the country’s changing landscape, which has forced many homeowners to consider independent space to conduct their daily business without distractions.
  • Recreational Areas – Turning the basement into a recreational area is also a standard use of this space, but it also requires the cellar first to be finished with drywall and other waterproofing measures. Our construction team can design the open space to fit many different styles, ranging from home theaters to man caves.
  • In-Law Apartment – Providing living space for your parents or spouse’s parents can be challenging in a house you already filled. Remodeling the basement can allow for the installation of bathrooms, bedrooms, and communal space to welcome new additions to your home without impeding on current occupants.

No matter what your needs might be, it is wise to consider basement remodeling for your home rather than purchasing a new property. Our Maas Construction team can help you with each stage of this process, from design to execution. Call us today at (509) 598-8741.