Renovation Ideas for an Unfinished Attic Space 


There are many reasons that you might consider renovating or remodeling your Spokane home. Some complete this to prevent moving to a new residence when the family is growing, or when children have become adults and moved out of the house. Others might consider remodeling as better use of space that was otherwise wasted. No matter your reasoning, choosing the right professionals and contractors to help in this endeavor is critical to keeping the project within your budget and to your precise specifications.

While you might not have difficulty locating more than one home renovation company in Spokane, there are reasons that Maas Construction should be one of your higher considerations. We use premium materials designed to last, meaning that the renovations look as good as they function for years to come. We have a roster of building trade professionals and in-house design engineers to help you bring your idea into a functional blueprint for our construction crew.

Attics are often one of the less challenging remodeling locations, as many homes in the area do not have these portions of their property finished. With bare framework and joists, you have a faster path to many potential possibilities for the space, including:

Living Space 

Attics can be a considerable size, making them ideal for additional living space when more bedrooms are necessary. By installing materials like engineered wood flooring, we can provide a modern look to the newly renovated space once drywall has gotten installed for the walls and ceiling.

Home Office Solutions 

Once some birds have left the nest, you might want to repurpose prior bedrooms into home offices or exercise rooms. This process might involve opening up areas of the house through the demolition of non-load bearing walls to provide a more significant foundation to begin.

Unmatched Walk-In Closet 

Between shoes and clothing, individual members of your house might benefit from a fully renovated attic designed to be a walk-in closet. By installing drywall, flooring, lighting, and shelving, we can bring this idea to life.

Your attic has considerable remodeling potential, and our Maas Construction team can help you to realize it. Give us a call today at (509) 598-8741.