Should You Be Considering Bathroom Remodeling in Your South Hills Home?


There are several advantages to choosing Maas for your remodeling needs in South Hills.

We are a trusted name for remodeling, renovations, and new construction because of our commitment to timeliness, cleanliness, and quality work. We can help with all stages of building from planning to execution, allowing us to be a one-stop shop to bring your full project to life.

Is a Bathroom Remodel What You Need? 

For some, bathroom remodeling in South Hills homes can be a wise decision. There is unpredictability when it comes to real estate, either buying or selling property. Instead, many homeowners in the area can find value in shaping their existing houses to meet changing needs or wants. Because our Maas Construction team offers free estimates on our remodeling work, there are zero risks in learning what might be possible to help areas like your bathroom or kitchen better serve your changing family dynamic.

What Remodeling Options Exist for Tired Bathrooms?

Remodeling and renovations reformulate an existing layout to provide a better aesthetic or functionality to the room being altered. With bathrooms, installing standalone soak tubs or removing a shower/tub combination for a large walk-in unit could be a welcomed alternation. Ultimately, the choice can be as small or as grand as you desire, and we have helped with:

  • Tile/Waterproof Flooring Installation
  • Installing New Fixtures
  • Shower/Tub Installs

What Sets our Team Apart for Remodeling Projects? 

We are working hard to build your trust and long-lasting relationships with customers throughout the Spokane Valley area, including South Hills. We are passionate about providing you with results that meet or exceed your expectations, using premium building materials and unsurpassed craftsmanship. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes with extra steps like dust and debris containment and keeping a non-intrusive presence on the property whenever possible to not hinder normal life as we remodel.

No matter the kitchen or bathroom remodeling project you might consider, our Maas Construction team can help you bring it to life. Give us a call today at (509) 598-8741.