The Advantages to Remodeling Over House Hunting in Spokane


You might find that there are several reasons that you have outgrown your Spokane home, or equally as challenging, you have more space than you need. It can be challenging to picture your home in a way that is beneficial to your current situation. You may not realize how many options exist for remodeling and renovation that can be more cost-effective than house hunting. Our professionals can work with you on designing a new layout for your property ideal for either a growing family or one where the children have left the nest.

There are no shortages of options when it comes to choosing a construction company in Spokane. Each of these options varies considerably from one to the next based on their features and experience in the field. Our Maas team has spent years working in the area through various facets of the building trades, and have pulled these experienced professionals together into a reputable team of craftspeople capable of taking jobs from the planning stages through the final walkthrough. We can also help to showcase the advantages of renovation versus selling and finding a new home.

  • Remodeling is Often Cheaper  

Though it might appear like it on paper, there are many instances where you do not break even on selling a house and buying another. Room additions and remodeling of the lower levels of your home can often be more cost-effective. You must also consider that selling your home comes with an inspection that requires you to repair, replace, and rebuild in areas that do not live up to current market guidelines. 

  • Increased Property Values 

 We utilize the best materials for construction and do not cut corners on quality and craftsmanship. Adding a room on to your property or reimagining space to turn an unused bedroom into an office or exercise room, we can help you do this quickly and in a way that can increase the value of your home whenever you do want to sell.

You know your house better than anyone – and if you are not ready to part ways with it just yet, our Maas Construction team can help you find a solution to help keep it your forever home. Give us a call anytime at (509) 598-8741.

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