Ways Our Remodeling Company Can Increase the Value of Spokane Homes


Envisioning changes to your Spokane residence is a universal desire for homeowners. However, bringing an idea to life requires considerable planning and talent to achieve. Many look to the experienced professionals and building trade contractors of our Maas Construction team to help map out potential renovation projects from the earliest idea stages through the finished product. For inspiration, you should note that there are many ways you can modify your home to increase its value on the market should you decide one day to sell. 

As a leading remodeling company in Spokane, our team has helped many homeowners to see the value of rethinking their structure in a way that helps to increase the worth of the overall property. A few specific approaches can instantly increase this value marker when the job gets completed with the skilled craftsmanship expected from our experienced and detail-oriented building trade professionals. 

Some of the Remodeling Options That Improve Your Value Assessments: 

  • Finish the Basement – A finished basement provides a wide range of options for potential living space, recreational areas, and more livable square footage for the property. This process often includes adding flooring over concrete, waterproofing, installing drywall and ceiling materials, and framing the layout of this lower level. 
  • Add a Bathroom – Many homes in Spokane only have one main bathroom, which can be unappealing to families. Converting unused space into another bathroom or a half bath requires running new plumbing and framing walls, but can often be among the most efficient renovation projects. 
  • Add a Bedroom – Adding a bedroom to your house immediately increases its value when placed on the market. According to research, it is estimated that adding another bedroom can increase the value of a home by nearly 100,000 dollars on average. 

No matter how our Maas Construction team can help, we are ready to help you through the planning and execution of remodeling jobs that make your property look better and be worth more on the real estate market. Give us a call anytime that we can help at (509) 598-8741.