What Are the Home Renovation Options for Your Spokane Home?


Every Spokane home is different, and as such, the ideal renovation or new construction project associated with the property is going to differ as well. Some homeowners appreciate the advantages of increasing their living space. Others seek to convert lightly used areas of the house into office spaces or a recreation room.

Finding a reputable home renovation company in Spokane does not have to be hard. Our Maas Construction team has been serving the area as a reputable contractor for years, recently branching out into helping homeowners and business owners find permanent renovation and remodeling solutions that suit their vision and their budgets. While our professionals have helped with many different new construction projects, we have three primary areas of renovation, including:   


You might find that converting your attic space into a livable area of the house is not as simple as slapping up some drywall and some paint. There are many steps to make this unfinished area into comfortable rooms of your house. While it might be among the costlier of renovation plans or ideas, this also can significantly increase the overall value of your home. The return on your investment makes it almost as appealing to many homeowners as the added living or office space.


There are unique challenges to renovating a basement into livable space, primarily if dampness and moisture concerns exist. We must resolve penetrating water before we can frame and hang drywall in the lower levels of your property. A finished basement can have many potential possibilities, including recreational rooms, added bedrooms, office spaces, and more.

Room Additions 

Adding a room also increases the value of your home and can be more accommodating to a growing family versus selling a house and moving. Our Maas team can help with the land prep, pouring of the foundation, and efficient building of your vision so that you can make use of this new room as soon as possible.

There are many types of renovation and remodeling that you can do for your home, and our Maas Construction team of qualified contractors can help, however you need. From the design to the final touches of interior paint, we can help you bring your ideas to life. Give us a call today at (509) 598-8741.