What Can You Do to Improve the Look of Your Spokane County Bathroom?


Between adding functionality and modernizing the look, there are a few quick changes a contractor can make for your house.

Ditch the Wallpaper and Dated Aesthetic

When many consider bathroom remodeling for Spokane County homes, they think about the room’s tired aesthetic and improving the overall appearance and functionality. Wallpaper might have been an everyday staple in the 80s and 90s but can make a room seem busy with new design schemes. We can remove the wallpaper or reinstall new moisture-resistant drywall and paint it to match your current theme.

Get Rid of the Tub/Shower Combination

While replacing light and water fixtures can be a fast way to improve the room’s look and feel, the real elephant of your old bathroom is the shower/bathtub combination. While it might have been efficient at one point, walk-in showers are vastly more popular these days. We can remove the combination unit in your Spokane County bathroom and replace it with low-lip subtle shower flooring and solid doors.

Consider Some Finer Flooring

The look of flooring in your bathroom ties the entire room together. Without also updating this material, improving on other aspects of the room falls flat. We ensure after demolition that the subflooring is level for installing a modern flooring option. Some of these might include:

  • Ceramic Tile – This is a favorable choice because there is a wide range of styles and textures possible. Modern bathrooms have seen a resurgence of natural stone-style ceramics because they are easy to clean and can be installed over a level base quickly by professionals.
  • Waterproof Vinyl Plank – While many underlayment materials are installed as a vapor and moisture barrier with new flooring, new vinyl plank interlock to form a watertight seal and prevent moisture penetration in damp bathroom spaces.
  • Heated Tile – While you have the former floor removed and discarded, you can add some functionality to the reinstallation. Heated tiles are inviting and comfortable and can be installed by our professionals once subflooring gets exposed.

Updating your bathroom is easy with Maas Construction. We can help with everything from design to the final touches. Give us a call today at (509) 598-8741.