What is the Best Use of Your Unfinished Spokane Basement?


Whether you need more living space, working space, or want to improve your Spokane home’s value, finishing your basement can do that. Many properties in the area do not have finished lower levels, and instead feature concrete floors and concrete masonry units for walls. These conditions are unappealing without adequate lighting, comfortable flooring, or other comforts you have come to expect in other areas.

Basement Finishing Liberty Lake Homes

Basement remodeling for Spokane homes is an undertaking that our Maas Construction team has helped many households to achieve in our years growing as a reputable contractor in Washington. Many basements average 700 to 1000 square feet in size, giving you options to subdivide the space into several smaller sections. We have layout and design professionals on our staff to help you reimagine the available basement space to repurpose it to suit your current needs.

What Can You Do with an Unfinished Basement? 

  • Recreational Room  

Among the most common approaches for finishing a lower level in a home is converting it into an entertainment area for the occupants of the house. Basements can become home theaters, game rooms, man caves, and other entertainment-specific zones that offer a respite from daily life demands.

  • Living Space 

 Additional bedrooms and other living spaces can be a necessary step for homeowners to take as a family grows, or circumstances change where former occupants of the house might need to return with new additions.

  • Offices 

 As many are making the transition to working from home in light of changing conditions for their jobs or new rules and regulations, the quiet, dedicated home office space might begin to sound appealing.

No matter what you intend to do with the basement of your Spokane home, you can count on our Maas Construction team to help finish your basement in your Liberty Lake homewith premium materials, quality craftsmanship, and a reasonable turnaround. Give us a call today at (509) 598-8741.