When is DIY Not Practical for Spokane Homes?


Knowing your limitations can ensure that the job gets done correctly and cost-efficiently.

Between television programs and magazines, many sources mislead Spokane homeowners in the ease and cost-efficiency of do-it-yourself (DIY) construction. From refinishing old furniture found at a flea market to a complete bathroom or kitchen remodeling, websites and videos make the process seem more manageable than it is. There are many situations where DIY work is not practical for your house’s needs when you are considering renovations or remodeling.

Skilled Building Trade Work

In many situations, the guide that homeowners used to lead them through a remodeling plan glosses over the complex and sometimes dangerous skilled trade requirements. Moving electrical outlets or fixtures can be unsafe when experienced individuals do not take the necessary precautions or have the training to reinstall wiring that does not short or overheat. Likewise, running new plumbing can become a much costlier situation when joints and connections leak and require a second installation.

More Work Than You Might Realize

While saving money can often be attractive, the opposite occurs when homeowners realize they have bitten off more than they can chew with building projects. Once the construction becomes overwhelming or too involved, professionals must salvage the project and complete it.

You Need the Project Completed Now

Despite what you might see on home improvement channels, most kitchen remodeling and renovation projects cannot be completed over the weekend. The unfortunate side of this is the loss of vital portions of your house until the project gets done. Missing cabinetry or flooring can make everyday activities in the room more challenging to complete. Professional restoration companies like ours understand rigid timelines to get a project done and have the skills and equipment to make the process more efficient than DIY solutions.

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